About me

My name is Remus Jones and I’m a Software Engineer working in VR/AR/MR Simulations inside Unreal, Unity and OpenGL engines at IISRI, Deakin University.

I’ve been programming full-time for approximately 6 years now, 3 of them have been at IISRI. My experience ranges from developing VR & AR haptically-enabled simulations to emulating digital twins driven entirely by PLCs.

I’ve got approximatly 1 and a half years of experience inside of Unreal Engine 4, and 5 years inside of Unity 2016 – 2021. My project work takes me to one engine for an extended period of time – though I try and keep up with the newer features that Unity & Unreal release. If you haven’t already checked out my LinkedIn, please do! 

I’m currently looking for some new and exciting opportunities outside of simulation development, send me a message if you’ve got work that I might be interested in!

If you are interested in asking for my CV please email remus.jones@hotmail.com or use the Contact page.