Dwarf Game – Progress Update 3

Following the development of the FSM I set out to create a custom editor window for Unity, this is a continuation of Post 2.

So – I set out to redesign the window, I settled with Lines.

From there I added different colored Handle Pins for displaying whether the direction is in or out, and some line colors.

From there, I started to develop a second window within the window which will be used to display information, and edit the contents. It was at this point, I realized I was capturing in a 720p mode on a ultra-wide montior – so yeah.. I fixed that.

The window still doesn’t have the full scope of functionality at this point – so I started working on adding Condition Components from class files, and linking existing data from dropdown.

So, after fixing some bugs, I went back and created the essentials needed to create an AI, keep in mind there is still need to write code, though if the script is generic enough, we can resuse them in any future AI we make.

And lastly, to give it some purpose – I added the flee logic to an existing AI Dwarf, to flee from Johns spooke skeles.

This will be the last post on the Finite State Machine probably, from here I’ll just be polishing the windows QOL, and give it a scroll rect. Stay tuned for more posts, while we develop this game.