Dwarf Game – Progress Update 3

Following the development of the FSM I set out to create a custom editor window for Unity, this is a continuation of Post 2. So - I set out to redesign the window, I settled with Lines. https://youtu.be/dEsruyoGP1Q From there I added different colored Handle Pins for displaying whether the direction is in or out, … Continue reading Dwarf Game – Progress Update 3

Dwarf Game – Progress Update 1

This post is more or less a post-mortem of the current project I am working on. Devs: Me (Remus): https://www.linkedin.com/in/remus-jones-aa158013a/John: https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-dunning-699617123/ Concept RTSStructure BuildingResource HarvestingPvE Building from those initial ideas, we decided to create a "Dwarf Game", where the player could build and shape the world by mining into a massive 2D voxel mountain, see … Continue reading Dwarf Game – Progress Update 1