Flaim Trainer

From the 4th of August 2017 until 21st November 2017 I have had the pleasure of working with Deakin – IISRI in assisting them to develop Flaim Trainer.
Flaim Trainer is a simulation to assist firefighters in learning how to overcome situations which usually would have risk involved, instead, Flaim Trainer aims to provide real learning situations for the user(s) with the same feedback in which you would face in a real situation with no risk of injury to you or others. This is done by using Haptic technology & HTC Vive.

Using Haptic Technology we can intimidate the effects of heat, force, and real-life gadgets;  alongside Vive Technology we can replicate a safe environment for the user to learn about scenarios they would face in a real fire.

Here’s a demonstration of Flaim Trainer:


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